Jimmy Bollaerts 

Fine Art Artist / Award winning Fashion and Beauty Photographer

Based in Belgium 


Jimmy Bollaerts is a renowned fashion photographer, born and raised near the city of Brussels in Belgium.

The beauty of photography has fascinated him since childhood. After a long journey of learning and experimenting, this passion became his profession. Now, just a few years later, he has won numerous awards and his work can be seen in magazines around the world.

Always wanting to innovate and eager to explore if the sky really is the limit, Jimmy strives to create the most beautiful images in his own daring style and with an impeccable eye for detail. Along with his boundless creativity and technical ability, this gives him the capability to fulfil even the most demanding assignments.

In his incessant quest for perfection, Jimmy surrounded himself with a team of professionals who each have a place amongst the very best in their field of expertise. This results in an infallible full package service that differs from the average by quality, originality and individuality.

Are you ready to join the experience?


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